It Shouldn't be Too Hard right?

Everyone can spot a reversal after it happens, but you need to be in that trade prior in order to make profits. The main goal of trading is Buying Low and Selling High. So, it shouldn’t be too hard right? One of the main reason why traders lose money are Emotions and Noisy charts. To avoid this you need to remove noises and follow a systematic trading.

Why Traders use Indicators?

Introducing the Noble Impulse Indicator

Works with ANY assets and brokers

Whether you trade Forex, Stocks, Metals, Futures, or Cryptocurrency. Noble Impulse will help you determine trends and find the best possible entries. Compatible with any brokers that support the MetaTrader 4 platform.

How Does It Work?

- Upward arrow signals tells you when you’re in a suggested buy area of a currency pair or stocks.

- Downward arrow signals tells you when you’re in a suggested sell area of a currency pair or stocks.

- Arrow signals tells you when a potential entry/exit is happening based on a sudden surge in movement.

- Noble Impulse dots allows you to quickly visualize the trend, whether you are in a strong bullish trend, strong bearish trend or in a ranging market.

What makes Noble Impulse Different?

Noble Impulse is not just your typical buy and sell indicator that tells you to place a trade. Noble Impulse will also show you whether you can take that trade or to stay away and wait for another opportunity.


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Where Do Most Traders Lose Money?

The Purpose of Noble Impulse Dots

The TREND is your FRIEND! When it comes to trading, you don't want to be that someone who guess where the market is gonna go. You want to go with trend and avoid consolidation. Ranging market is where traders lose money, because the market can breakout against you at any given time. Breakout strategy can also be a powerful thing if you find the correct entry, and Noble Impulse will do just that.

There are two conditions we look for when trading with Noble Impulse indicator. The diagonal pattern and horizontal pattern. In other words, when to trade or when to stay away.

Noble Impulse will increase your winning rates by eliminating noises and by avoiding consolidation. And help you find the best entries and exits in the market.

Trending Period/Diagonal Upward Formation

Noble Impulse dots are forming a diagonal line upwards and starting to break apart from each other. This indicates a strong upward/bullish momentum. 

Consolidation Period/Horizontal Formation - Stay Away

During this period Noble Impulse dots are relatively close to each other and forming a horizontal line. This is the time where we should stay away from opening a position and wait for the horizontal line to break. Also means that the price is retracing from the previous fluctuations. The longer the lines the stronger the breakout.

Trending Period/Diagonal Downward Formation

Noble Impulse dots are forming a diagonal line downwards and starting to break apart from each other. This indicates a strong downward/bearish momentum. 

Watch Noble Impulse In Action

Never Miss Out On a Trade Again!

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Noble Impulse users making profits trading forex, stocks, futures, metals, and cryptocurrency. You could be next!

Recent Market Results with Noble Impulse in the Past Weeks

GBPUSD Result 1-Hour Timeframe Last Two Weeks

GBPUSD is one of the pair that we mainly focus on. It's currently up over 60 pips so far this week from the Buy signal last week. We may see a continuation throughout the week as the main direction on the higher timeframe is uptrend. Checkmark are the valid signals. 02/04/2021 - 02/15/2021

EURUSD Result Earlier This Month 30-Minute Timeframe

This is the chart of EURUSD for this week. Noble Impulse got a total of 10 signals in which 8 are valid signals. Out of those 8 valid signals, 7 turns out to be a winner. Over 250 pips for the whole week. Checkmark are the valid signals. 02/02/2021 - 02/05/2021

EURUSD Result Past Week 1-Hour Timeframe

Normally, on 1-hour timeframe we receive around 5-10 signals every week. As of this week, Noble Impulse got a total of 7 signals in which 5 are valid signals. Out of those 5 signals, 4 turns out to be a winner and one close at breakeven. A total of over 260 pips for this week as of now. Current Buy signal is up 70 pips in profit. Checkmark are the valid signals. 02/15/2021 - 02/19/2021

EURUSD Results 1-Hour Timeframe Last Week

The last Sell signal of EURUSD 1-hour timeframe yielded over 140 pips. We got a total of 6 signals in which 5 are valid signals. Out of those 5 signals, 4 turns out to be a winner. Checkmark are the valid signals. 02/22/2021 - 02/26/2021

XAUUSD/GOLD Results 1-Hour Timeframe Earlier This Month

Frequently asked questions. Does it work with XAUUSD/GOLD? Yes, gold is actually one of our best performing pair. Many people either love or hate gold for number of reasons. For the whole month we got a total of 12 valid signals. Out of those 12 signals, 10 turns out to be a winner. Last Sell signal is running 500 pips in profit as of now. We are averaging about 5-10 signals weekly on 1-hour Timeframe. Checkmark are the valid signals. 02/01/2021 - 02/18/2021

XAUUSD/GOLD Results 1-Hour Timeframe Last Week

Noble Impulse caught over 790 pips on the last sell signal. We got a total of 4 valid signals. Out of those 4 signals, 3 turns out to be a winner. Trailing your profits is also recommended when placing a trade, breaking even is a lot better than losing. Checkmark are the valid signals. 02/22/2021 - 02/26/2021

Future Updates - One-Time Payment $39 USD Limited Time Offer

One-time payment, no hidden charges. You will receive any updates in the future completely free. Additionally, we have done countless of back testing and execution over the years, in order to make sure that the Noble Impulse indicator and our strategy will provide positive results. We are confident that if you follow our advice and strategies you will be profitable with Noble Impulse.

Why We Refuse to Sell the Indicator Alone?

Key Element To Winning - Strategies


Watch Noble Impulse In Action

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- Compatible with all Currency Pairs and Stocks on MetaTrader 4 
- Works with all Timeframes  
- Fully customizable colour scheme  
- Customizable Dots and Arrows Size

Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment method do you accept?

We accept credit cards such as Amex, Mastercard, and Visa, PayPal, and some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. You will see these options under the payment section at the checkout when you finish filling out your information.