It Shouldn't be Too Hard right?

The main goal of trading is Buying Low and Selling High. So, it shouldn’t be too hard right? One of the main reason why traders lose money are Emotions and Noisy charts. To avoid this you need to remove noises and follow a rule-based trading that enables you to enter and exit the market without emotions.

Why Traders use Indicators?

Most people overlooked this subject. Indicators are placed in the market to remove human emotions. Indicators will help you find and enter trades that most people are afraid to take. By using Indicators, traders can get confirmations about market entry and exit without making impulsive decisions.

Introducing Noble Impulse System

Noble Impulse is an algorithm that runs on top of the MetaTrader 4 platform and now available in TradingView. What Noble Impulse provides to users is a signaling indicator that instantly shows a Buy and Sell arrows on any chart in real-time. 

How Does it Work?

- Upward arrow signals tells you when you’re in a suggested buy area of a currency pair or stocks.

- Downward arrow signals tells you when you’re in a suggested sell area of a currency pair or stocks.

- Arrow signals tells you when a potential entry/exit is happening based on a sudden surge in movement.

- Noble Impulse dots allows you to quickly visualize the trend, whether you are in a strong bullish trend, strong bearish trend or in a ranging market.

Never Miss Out On a Trade Again!

Get notified whenever a potential trade is happening for stocks, cryptocurrency, and forex. Additionally, you can set-up notifications on any currency pairs, stocks, and crypto that will come straight to your phone via push notifications, emails, and pop-up alerts.

Most People Hesitate, But Others Took Action

Noble Impulse users making profits trading forex, stocks, futures, metals, and cryptocurrency. A small percentage may elevate your trading. You could be next!

Recent Market Results

EURUSD Results H1 Timeframe

This is the chart of EURUSD 1-hour timeframe so far this week. The big winner is the previous Sell signal that caught over 100 pips in profit. We got a total of 4 signals in which 3 are valid. Out of those 3 signals, all of them turns out to be a winner. Checkmark are the valid signals.

XAUUSD/GOLD Results H1 Timeframe

Considering it was a very volatile week because of NFP. XAUUSD displays some profitable signals on H1 timeframe. We experienced a lot of consolidation from last week but this week we got a total of 4 signals in which 3 are valid. Out of those 3 signals, all of them turns out to be a winner. A total of over 400 pips for the Sell signal and another 380 pips for the Buy signal. Checkmark are the valid signals.

GBPUSD Result H1 Timeframe

This is the chart of GBPUSD H1 timeframe so far this week. There are total of 10 signals on this chart in which 7 are valid signals. Out of those 7 signals, 5 of them turns out to be a winner. Checkmark are the valid signals. 

Looking for TradingView?

We are very thrilled to announce that Noble Impulse is now available on TradingView. Click the button to start your free trial. We also offer free trial for MetaTrader 4 version scroll down for more. Note: TradingView version is sold separately.

FREE Upgrade to Lifetime Access Today

Free Upgrade to Lifetime Access when you purchase Today! 
We decided to sell few more copies at $49 CAD before increasing the price to $189 CAD. This is the last time you will ever see Noble Impulse indicator + strategies at a low price. When you see a major price increase the next day. Unfortunately, we cannot lower the price down. Get access NOW for over 75% OFF!

We are going to start a monthly subscription. Take advantage of this one-time special offer.

The following prices will take effect soon

Currently priced at $49 CAD One-Time Payment

- One-Time Payment - All Features - $189 CAD

- Quarterly Access - All Features - $99 CAD

- One Month Access - All Features - $39 CAD

Key Element To Winning

Noble Impulse full features contains 3 courses that will guide you to significantly increase your winning ratio. Key Highlighted: You will learn how to filter false signals, determine trends, where to place a stop loss, and as well as Entry and Exit target. Let us change the way you use indicators!

Receive Future Updates for FREE!

One-time payment, no hidden charges. You will receive any updates in the future completely free. Additionally, we have done countless of back testing and execution over the years, in order to make sure that the Noble Impulse indicator and our strategy will provide positive results. We are confident that if you follow our advice and strategies Noble Impulse will be a great addition to your trading.

Noble Impulse Indicator MetaTrader 4 Version
Regular price $189.00 Sale price $49.00
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What's Included?

- Noble Impulse Indicator
- Non-Repaint Signals  
- Future Updates with a similar version 
- Real-time Alerts  
- 24/7 Support
- Compatible with Mac, MacBook, and Windows plus PDF Installation Guidelines
- 1 Demo and 2 Live account access (New license key will be provided if you switch broker or close your previous Live account)
- Comes with Basic, Intermediate, And Advanced Noble Impulse Course (You will learn how to filter false signals, Where to place a stop loss, Entry, and Exit target)
- Compatible with all Currency Pairs and Stocks on MetaTrader 4 
- Works with all Timeframes  
- Fully customizable color scheme  
- Customizable Dots and Arrows Size

If you don't have MetaTrader 4 yet, make sure you download the platform to familiarize yourself before purchasing Noble Impulse.

NOTE: This version is only compatible with MetaTrader 4. It will not work with MetaTrader 5 or TradingView. Other versions can be purchase separately.


Which payment method do you accept?

We accept credit cards such as Mastercard, and Visa, PayPal, and some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. You will see these options under the payment section at the checkout when you finish filling out your information.