What makes it different?

Noble Impulse is not just your typical buy and sell indicator that tells you to place a trade. Noble Impulse will also show you whether you can take that trade or to stay away and wait for another opportunity.

How does it work?

Noble Algo buy and sell signals tells you when a potential entry/exit is happening based on a sudden surge in movement. Noble Impulse dots allows you to quickly visualize the trend, whether you are in a strong bullish trend, strong bearish trend or in a ranging market.

  • Trending Period/Diagonal Upward Formation

    Noble Impulse dots are forming a diagonal line upwards and starting to break apart from each other. This indicates a strong upward/bullish momentum. 

  • Consolidation Period/Horizontal Formation - Stay Away

    During this period Noble Impulse dots are relatively close to each other and forming a horizontal line. This is the time where we should stay away from trading and wait for the horizontal line to break. Also, it means that the price is retracing from the previous fluctuations. The longer the lines the stronger the breakout.

  • Trending Period/Diagonal Downward Formation

    Noble Impulse dots are forming a diagonal line downwards and starting to break apart from each other. This indicates a strong downward/bearish momentum. 

Never Miss Out on a Trade Again!

Get notified whenever a potential trade is happening. You can set-up notifications on any currency pairs, stocks, and crypto that will come straight to your phone via push notifications, emails, and pop-up alerts. You may need VPS to receive notifications 24/7.

Trusted By Over 4000+ Traders

Recent feedback from users implementing the Noble Impulse indicator and strategy. Why not give it a try? Maybe it is something that will benefit you as it did for many people.

  • Live trading results from users

  • Live trading results from users

  • Live trading results from users

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Watch Noble Impulse in action!

Bonus: Learn to identify winning signals!

These strategies will help you to follow certain rules and develop patience. Learn to identify possible winning trades to increase your chance of success. Key Highlighted: You will learn how to filter false signals, where to place a stop loss, and as well as Entry and Exit target.

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Looking for TradingView?

We are very thrilled to announce that Noble Impulse is now available on TradingView. Check out the latest version which is the V3 Pro. Note: TradingView version is sold separately.

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Watch Noble Impulse in action!

  • Tip#1

    Sometimes, it’s not about HOW you trade but knowing WHEN to trade. You may have the best strategy in the world but if you are trading at the wrong time you will most likely lose money. Why? Because there isn’t enough volume to move the price in a clear direction. For FX market focus on London and New York session for consistency.

  • Tip#2

    Know your risk before thinking about the potential reward. As for risk management, this is the only variable you can control. Always make sure that you have stop loss in place!

  • Tip#3

    When trading with indicator, it is ideal to pair it with another indicator. This is why we include strategies that we believe is a great confluence with Noble Impulse when combined together.

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