Noble Impulse MetaTrader 4 Updates

All recent updates and modifications of Noble Impulse Indicator and Strategy for MetaTrader 4 will be posted here

08/10/2019 - Noble Impulse Signal Modification

09/16/2019 - Optimized for Stocks and Indices

01/15/2020 - Modification of Dots and Signals configuration

02/17/2020 - Modification of Arrows and Dots

03/24/2020 - Noble Impulse Strategies was created - Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced

04/15/2020 - Changes in Strategy was made

06/20/2020 - Further Optimization of Signals

08/13/2020 - Alerts were added to the Indicator Email, On the app, and Live Alerts

10/17/2020 - Update on Stocks and indices

11/16/2020 - Updates on Noble Impulse Strategies Intermediate and Advanced has been released

11/18/2020 - We made some fixes on typos in Intermediate and Advanced course

12/9/2020 - Notification issues has been fixed. We also added Timeframe and Currency for the notifications