Noble Trend Identifier


We are excited to introduce this new indicator that we believe can add value to your trading. This can be used to spot trends and avoid ranging markets.

The Problem - Most false signals and breakouts happens when the market is not showing a clear direction, also known as the ranging market.

The Solution - We implemented this indicator to spot ranging market and helps you avoid false breakout when using Noble Impulse. 

WARNING: Do not rely on this indicator alone. Noble Trend Identifier does not filter signals during whipsaws or highly volatile candles. 

Also, this indicator lags behind price action. For example, when the candles are coming from ranging market you may still see red bars even when the market starts to trend. However, Noble Trend Identifier does a great job spotting longer term ranging and trending market.

How to add Noble Trend Identifier to your chart

The installation process is similar when you first attach Noble Impulse V3 Pro on your chart. You will find this indicator on your invite-only scripts under indicators and strategies.

Indicator Settings

Noble Trend Identifier is best used with Noble Impulse buy and sell signals.

Resolution - You can use this to view the trend on any timeframe. Simply leave it as "Chart" to view the trend on your current chart.

Filter Sensitivity - You can adjust the sensitivity settings to low, optimal, or high. The default is set at optimal which is the suggested filter settings.


There are two simple rules when using this indicator. Green bars = Trending, Red bars = Ranging.

In other words, try to avoid trading when the bar is red as much as possible. You will get higher quality signals when the market is trending.

Sometimes, you will get signals on the area where it's ranging and end up being profitable. When this happens, wait until the market is trending before you open a trade.

We hope that this indicator can add value to your trading. Our team will continue to develop more products and improve the overall performance of Noble Impulse indicator in the future.

The strategy that we provide is just a guide. The past performance doesn’t guarantee the future results.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please reach out to us via email on our website under the contact us section or the email down below. Noble Impulse offers 24/7 support. But due to high traffic, it may take a few hours for our support team to respond. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner. or

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