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First of all, we would like to thank you for taking action on Noble Impulse Indicator. We are very excited to share our winning strategies. But before that, this PDF contains the instructions on how to access the Noble Impulse on TradingView

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please reach out to us via email. We, along with our fantastic support team are always eager to help.

How to get access?

Email us your TradingView username, make sure that it is accurate and correct capitalization. 

Please include all of the following. 

- Order Number (If you don’t know your order number,  you can include the email that you use at the time of your purchase.) 

- TradingView username (Make sure this is accurate. Same characters and capitalization.)

Put the email subject as “TradingView Access” This way we can prioritize your request. 

Please send an email to

Our support team will get you set up within 24 hours (Normally within couple of hours.) If you have not heard from us within 24 hours, please contact us on Facebook. Noble Impulse


Where can I find my order number? We sent you your order confirmation that includes the order number shortly after you completed your purchase. Double-check your mailbox.

Where can I find my TradingView username? On the TradingView website check your profile. Please see the attached photo for reference.

For Desktop and Laptop view:


For Mobile view:


Once you have sent the email with your TradingView username and order number, you will receive an email from us stating you have been granted access to Noble Impulse. We always give a few days extra due to the time zone difference. 

In the next section, we will show you how to attach Noble Impulse to your TradingView chart. Look for Installation Guidelines for either desktop/laptop or mobile. 

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