Noble Impulse V2 TradingView Version
Noble Impulse V2 TradingView Version
Noble Impulse V2 TradingView Version
Noble Impulse V2 TradingView Version
Noble Impulse V2 TradingView Version

Noble Impulse V2 TradingView Version

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We have done countless backtesting and execution over the years, to ensure that Noble Impulse and our strategy will provide positive results. We are confident that if you follow our advice and strategies Noble Impulse will be a great addition to your trading.

You can request a 3 days free trial. Email us your TradingView username at

Your main goal is not to make a profit during the free trial phase, but to determine whether you see the added value of Noble Impulse to your charts and decide whether it will be beneficial to you.

Don’t forget to invite your trader friends and family to take our free trial ;)

Pricing Options

When you purchase the one-month access and later on decide to upgrade to lifetime access. We can credit the amount that you paid on one-month access towards your next purchase of lifetime access.

One Month Access - $36 CAD Full Price ($432/year)

Quarterly Access - $76 CAD - Save 30% OFF

One Year Access - $216 CAD - Save 50% OFF ($22/month ) Discounted for $119 CAD Limited Time Offer

Lifetime Access - $199 (Limited copies will be sold) - Regular price $599

If you purchased the yearly or quarterly access we can credit the amount towards the lifetime access when you choose to upgrade. Available to people who purchased before June 1, 2021

NOTE: No commitment. This is not a recurring charge, you have to renew or purchase this again in order to get another access. Feel free to try it for a month first before getting the quarterly, one-year access, or lifetime access. 

How Does It Work?

- Upward Signals tell you when you’re in a suggested buy area of an asset.
- Downward Signals tell you when you’re in a suggested sell area of an asset.
- Signals tell you when a potential entry is happening based on a sudden surge in
- Signals tell you when it is time to exit your position based on a sudden surge in movement.

What's Included?

For the TradingView version, we decided to remove the impulse dots. But we added a new feature that allows users to adjust the sensitivity settings. Though, this is optional because we already determine default sensitivity settings to fit every trading style.

Most importantly, you can now use Noble Impulse on a lot more symbols and tickers including penny stocks, etc. 

- Noble Impulse Indicator for TradingView
- Non-Repainting Signals
- Real-time Alerts
- Installation Guidelines
- Works with all Timeframes and compatible with all Currency Pairs, Cryptocurrency and Stocks on TradingView
- Comes with all three lessons including the new Heiken Ashi strategy
- 24/7 support

Noble Impulse for TradingView

Experience the simplicity of Noble Impulse V2 in TradingView. Unlike before, you can now adjust the sensitivity settings to display more or fewer signals.

New Strategy - Reducing the Signals by 1/3

Aside from the Intermediate and Advanced strategy. We have added a new strategy that minimized the signals given by Noble Impulse by 1/3 using the Heiken Ashi candlestick to filter the trends. You can still choose between this and a regular candlestick.

Heiken Ashi and Regular Candlestick Comparison

Regular Candlestick

Heiken Ashi Candlestick

Heiken Ashi charts make candlestick charts more readable for traders, especially when spotting trends and reversals. As a trader, you need to know when to get out as soon as the trend weakens and when to stay in and ride a strong trend.

Overall, Heiken Ashi will filter the noise and smooth out the price action on your chart by showing data using averages. These signals may make identifying trading opportunities easier than with traditional candlesticks because the trends are not easily interrupted by any minor pullback. You can still choose between this and a regular candlestick.

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